In May of 2010, Yeardley Love, a college student at the University of Virginia, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. From this tragedy grew the One Love Foundation, the organization that’s become the national voice against relationship violence.

Nobody owns the legacy of Lacrosse like STX; they hold more Lacrosse patents than any other company in the world. Renegade helped create two legacy spots that broke nationally around the Final Four, essentially putting STX’s brand flag in the ground as the industry leader. In addition, Renegade helped boost STX’s golf brand by developing a commercial that tied into their “Skylar” campaign.

ASUS computers makes some of the most widely praised hardware in the industry, but lacks the big name recognition of their highest peers. To boost the brand, Renegade created an engaging digital campaign directed at one of ASUS’s most important markets – Millennials on their way back to school.

A cool company with cool, new games, that wants to get lots of quality hits online and rev up a rabid fan base? We are so there!

AT&T's U-verse product was infringing on Comcast's footprint. Comcast needed an aggressive campaign to induce loyalty from existing customers, and sway former customers back to Comcast. Renegade created a campaign based on U-verse subscribers being physically affected by U-verse anomalies, with an investigative duo that swooped in with XFINITY to save the day.

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    Consumers don’t care about products or services. They care about how products or services affect their daily lives.

  2. Why

    We Do It

    A little entertainment. A better night’s sleep. A more productive work environment. An edge on a field of play. Helping a friend. Big or small, to be successful, every product or service has to enhance an experience. Serve a purpose. Fill a need. That’s when people will buy it, and buy into it.

    Renegade Communications’ job is to effectively communicate your “why” – the reason you do what you do and make what you make – so people become emotionally invested in your brand. It’s brand optimization, and it’s the sole purpose of our business.

    Your brand is a tangible, living entity. We assess and analyze your brand character. Find the right messaging balance between the rational and emotional. Find the right tone, whether it is humorous or serious, subtle or loud.

    We narrate your brand's story – how, when and where it communicates with people. What it makes them feel. What the lasting impression is.

    We make these tangible connections. So what may have started out as a casual acquaintanceship, can now grow into a strong, loyal and lifelong friendship.

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